A Family Affair

The Domra story begins with Domenic Guerra, general contractor, who founded the company in 1989. The man puts his heart, strength and courage into all of the projects he undertakes, supported by a faithful team effort. Integrity and devotion are the basis upon which the enterprise was built and these are the values that still strongly characterize our company today.

Since 1998, and over the years, his three children have successively joined the team and acquired shares in the company to ensure continuity. Today, Gianni Guerra, Domenic’s oldest son occupies the position of President of Domra. His brother Louis, carpenter and site technician, as well as his sister Sabrina, responsible for the administrative aspect, work by his side as senior associates. Mr. Domenic Guerra officially retired from the company in 2012. No one could dream of a better special counsellor! A role he has assumed, in reality, with great pleasure since 2006.

Current objective

It is quite clear for the three young administrators that their objective is to follow the lead while finding their own way.

They aim to:

  • Deliver projects with the same incomparable quality, born from the passion of the trade.
  • Accomplish the task with the utmost honesty, a basic value driven by Domenic Guerra.
  • Show the same untiring devotion towards our clients, a condition that is essential to the common success of all partners involved.
1989 : Foundation of Domra by Domenic Guerra.
1998 : Gianni Guerra, the owner’s oldest son, joins the enterprise.
2003 : Sabrina Guerra, the owner’s daughter, joins the company.
2004 : Gianni becomes a Domra shareholder.
2006 : The second Guerra child, namely Louis, joins the enterprise.
2012 : Sabrina and Louis also become shareholders.
2012 : Domenic Guerra officially retires from the company and continues to act as special counsellor, a position he has assumed since 2006.